Tri-State Engineering, P.C.
Tri-State Engineering, P.C. is a professional corporation, incorporated in the State of New York since 1995. Tri-State is dedicated to be a professional inspection company delivering our best engineering services by presenting a complete and accurate report, and working collectively with our clients, brokers, lending institutions, and attorneys.

Our Commitment
We are committed to being an indispensable and integral part of your entire project by providing our clients with the best professional and reliable services possible. Tri-State delivers integrated services that are specifcally tailored to serving any one of our three major fields of expertise:

» Commercial Building and Engineering Inspections
» Environmental Inspections and Testing
» Residential Home Inspections

Education and Training Ensures Superior Services
Our professionals have extensive educational and industry knowledge and training, and are on the leading-edge of industry changes. We are also active in industry organizations that shape and interpret newly proposed engineering and environmental standards and regulatory guidelines.